Monday, 19 August 2013

Milestones and Fireworks

Hi everyone, this past week has been a well deserved rest week,  partly because in the week previous to this one I hit a key mile stone in my riding and partly because both the bike and me are showing some signs of wear and I needed to address the problems.
My milestone was a simple target, I wanted to cover more than 100 miles in a week, something I have not managed to do for a good many years, looking back at old monthly goals on my Garmin page I would try and cover the same mileage in a month, progress has been slow but I have finally achieved my goal covering 102.5 miles in one week, I think I would have felt more of a sense of achievement had I not been so tired, my legs were sore and tight and my calf muscles was really tight all the time.
The Crossrip on the hole is fairing better than me, although the Sora chain set is being a pain and wont stop creaking, it has reached my tolerance level and I have replaced it with a Deore one with 26/36/48 rings, it will make touring with a heavy load easier and work better on the steeper hills enabling me to maintain a nice cadence. Another part with is giving me some issues is the rear wheel, it had to go in and be re tensioned for a second time and it's last as the stress is starting to affect the rim with bulging around the nipples and even the early makings of a crack, not ideal after 615 miles but it does have a hard life. With that in mind I am looking to mountain bike kit again and I am having  anew pair of wheels hand built for me, just some Deore 6 bolt disc hubs laced to some Mavic TN719 29'er rims but they should be more up to the task and will allow me to run some, will see next weekend when they are finished. All these problems said I am still well on target for my 1500 miles goal and I am within reach of my 500km badge for the Strava monthly challenge, onwards!

With the Trek off the road for a few days I managed to have a Trail Tuesday again and headed up into Cann woods on the On One for a variation on my last off road ride, I really do enjoy these rides although I think I will see more enjoyment come the winter and Autumn months, I might even take the Crossrip over now and then.



As much as I still enjoy riding the On One I am finding it harder to justify keeping it in it's present guise, I have a bucket full of parts from my original frame that would drop on there and possibly sell the newer stuff, keeping the bike in it's new form for turbo trainer and mud duties in winter, I could use the spare £ towards my new Garmin later this year.

On a non cycling related note we had the British Fireworks championship here in Plymouth, as it was quite late for obvious reason it meant I could only see the first nights display, the following morning was a coffee soaked sleepy world but it was worth it as the display was amazing as you can see form the following.
















Hope you like the photo's as much as I enjoyed the show, I am already working on my next entry, a few thoughts on why I am pushing myself harder and harder instead of just going for a ride but that can wait until next time.
Have a good one all.


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  1. Great as always Si! I'm glad things are going well. :)